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This class strikes a balance of strength and softness in a steady flow of intentionally sequenced postures designed to enhance your balance, breath, and coordination. Proper body mechanics are taught to stretch and strengthen your legs, abdominals and arms. Classes build on a progression of established level 1 postures towards level 2. Some experience is recommended.


This class weaves together a dynamic combination of yoga, qigong & healing sounds to create a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.


This class will begin with a theme that relates to the sequence of poses in the class. The postures shared in this class will build your strength and stamina, expand your physical body towards more freedom, and relax your mind to allow you to have a more embodied experience. This class will often incorporate a quality of the heart with the intention of opening you to new ways of thinking and being in the world. Some experience recommended.


This class explores all aspects of yoga from philosophy to chanting to pranayama to meditation. Classes incorporate flow, slow deliberate movement, details of alignment, and the opportunity to discover more challenging asanas. You will be encouraged to listen and respect your body’s innate intelligence as part of the practice. Every class is different, and all levels are welcome.


Wake up with more clarity and radiance through dynamic movement, breathing techniques, mantra, music and meditation. This is a bright and enlivening class that is suitable for all.


Replenish and recharge your body with alignment-based yoga, pranayama and relaxation. Options for increasing or decreasing intensity are suggested throughout class and props are available to modify and support your alignment. This class is suitable for continuing students as well as beginners.


Ease your way into Monday mornings with pranayama and supported yoga poses to awaken, enliven and nurture your mind, body & soul for your week ahead. This class is suitable for students interested in exploring a less strenuous practice including beginners and those who might have some physical limitations.


This class incorporates props to support resting, healing and rejuvenating postures for all levels of students. This class welcomes those who enjoy a slower paced class or who are recovering from illness or injury.


Wind down your day with gentle stretches and breathing as well as simple movements designed to increase range of motion and balance your energy. This class moves at a slower pace while still building warmth in the body towards a deeper relaxation at the end of class. All levels are welcome.


This class offers an awareness of how Qi (life energy) flows to help improve health and harmony of mind and body through a series of gentle movements and breath work that stretch the body, increase circulation, and enhance balance. This class is suitable for continuing students as well as beginners.



  • Drop In - $20

  • 5 pak - $ 75

  • 10 pak - $135

  • 20 pak - $220


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