YOL Newsletter | Soft Opening

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A Soft Opening ~ Into Spring

Trust the natural order and flow

 The energy of spring approaching welcomes the new you

You are perfect as you are, beautifully limited... and limitless

Ready, like the snake, to shed your skin for transformation, flexible and close to the ground

The water element guides you to be graceful, allowing for change

Your true nature is free and peaceful, spacious and clear

Let your breath guide your movement each day

There is no substitute for clarity


Upcoming Event: Authentic Movement Workshop

Authentic Movement and Witnessing

Embodied Presence, Embodied Feminine

This is an invitation to slow down, to take a pause. This workshop is 4 hours of clock time; yet all the time, spaciousness and holding one needs to drop down and in, to nurture and to explore, and to open to the intricacies of oneself. A time and space, safely structured, to restore our resilience, to remember our own rhythms, and to witness the unfolding of ourselves and each other.


Date: Sunday, March 25

Time: 10am - 2pm
Place: Yoga off Little

Hosted By: Lee Fuller

Cost $40

For questions, contact Lee @ 208-351-4835 / leefuller44@gmail.com


Dear YOL Community!

As we approach the Spring Equinox on March 20th, our thoughts begin to turn to new beginnings, creative projects, and continued self care in our renewed snowy environment! The desire grows to reach out from our winter grounding to connect with our community. We love to connect with you, our YOL students! You can expect to hear from us more often as we will be sending monthly updates to share our news, upcoming workshops, new schedules that come out each season, and thoughtful contemplations or insights that you can take to your mat each day.


Our next Newsletter will contain our April through June schedule which will be full of classes -- new ones, as well as ones that you have been enjoying all winter. Please share this YOL Newsletter with friends or family that would enjoy connecting with us. As always, reach out with questions, an updated email address, or a simple "hello".

With Love & Gratitude,

Your Friends at YOL