Yoga with a capital "Y"

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Full Moon Yoga

This summer YOL will be hosting outdoor yoga classes in honor of the grand lunar cycle that kicked off yesterday with a super new moon and will continue with 3 seismic eclipses and 2 more super moons this season.

Mark your calendars!

June 27 - Strawberry Moon / Super Moon
 July 25 - Buck Moon

August 29 - Sturgeon Moon


$5 Suggested Donation

7-8 PM


Let the light of the full moon inspire your yoga practice!


Join our teachers at Driggs City Park to celebrate yoga

and the beauty of summer in the Tetons.

More details to come!


Yoga with a capital "Y"

A gift from Sundari, on her Birthday

The goodness and greatest asset to our daily yoga lifestyle comes from the definition of yoga “to join together”. We learned long ago this household word yoga means union, to “yolk”, to bring together towards and into unity. Easier said than done, yet with our best intention and direction, we begin to cultivate the journey of yoga.


Often yoga begins with the body. We explore the postural practice of the asanas. What the pose reveals to each person has everything to do with what is going on inside the person and not necessarily the pose. Every posture unfolds its healing properties towards uniting the body.  The poses unwind and unravel the layers of the body to allow us to awaken; this is a re-introduction to our body’s wholeness. Once we become friends with the physical going inwards, the spiritual becomes easier since the essence of yoga is spiritual.


Yoga takes us back to the beginning of our journey of becoming human. It sparks the memory that we are first and foremost an aspect of the Divine. The physical body is a temple to house this Divine light.


This concept leads us into the first chapter of the yoga sutras of Patanjali. It describes yoga as “yoga chitta vritti nirodahah”. This thread of intelligence enlightens us as to who we really are and how we experience life when we are in a state of knowing. This one sutra teaches us the true essence of yoga. Deep within our hearts we abide as pure Divine consciousness; and yet, the material world pulls on us and our consciousness is drawn outward. As knowledge of Divine Self slowly fades, it takes with it the understanding of our true nature. Consciousness abides in the heart, not in the mind, as many believe.


When we can fully settle in the body, our challenge then becomes to remember that we are Divine human beings. To remember that we are and always will be Divine Beings who have become divinely human. Divine Consciousness emanates from our hearts, infusing our bodies, minds, emotions, and our very lives. Our relationship with the Divine consciousness deepens or lessens according to one’s observance and treatment of the self and others.


Yoga is the uniting of consciousness in the heart.