A Letter of Recognition


RECOGNITION The treasures and gift of this woman, a yogi, my friend and the owner of YOL is the conscious ability to hold both a rational thought/mind and the intuitive awareness/grace in all that lies beyond what any student perceives that walks thru the door of this sacred community space. We have often laughed around the word “ownership” of any yoga center, especially this one as the more accurate description would be “custodian.” One who is devoted and creative to the cultivating and growing of a spiritual community and the last one out closing the door in making certain that all is calm and centered for the following day. Saying YES to this act of service is a deep commitment to personal growth while being vulnerable enough on a public platform to want to share her knowledge and experience. Erin & I began collaborating 5 years ago in the passing of this flame. She is and continues to be a dedicated student, fierce and tender. While learning, she held patiently for nearly 2 years for me to completely release not just all the responsibilities of what goes on behind the scenes of your yoga mat but also the birthing of this child I held so dear. Her perception of my own existence and identity wrapped up in a life-time showed true as she aligned with uncompromising trust and timing. To this Goddess and Yogi I bow with palms together in recognition of her choice to be fully involved in life and on this path. We are all so grateful and I am so very honored and touched by her light.

Sundari ~